Videcon are delighted to announce a new strategic alliance with UK based security and attendance solutions provider, Grosvenor Technology. 

At Videcon, we are always looking for ways to enhance our product range and take Concept Pro to the next level. Through this newfound partnership, the company are expanding their access control range to include the most up to date and efficient products on the market today. The alliance promises to be beneficial for both parties involved and will enable Videcon to improve its Access Control offering.

Concept Pro Access Control powered by Grosvenor offers a new solution to the Access Control needs of customers, a solution that promises to be cheaper, easier to install, easier to use and more versatile than any other solution on the market. Previously, Access Control systems have been difficult to install and operate due to a number of technical complications but this new offering will leave competitor products in the dust. Using Grosvenor’s “Snap, Click, Done” technology, installers can add 2 doors to a system in a matter of seconds by snapping a single blade to a controller until it clicks into place, then you’re done! It really is as simple as Snap, Click, Done for installers wishing to put Access Control systems in place. Easy on the eye and quick to install, the single-blade controller offers built-in PoE power capability, local battery back-up using a lithium-polymer battery and optical tamper – all of which cut down on cabling requirements. This simplicity remains for bigger projects, a multi door controller is used as opposed to a single door controller allowing for users to snap 4 multi blades into place and set up a possible 8 doors using 25% less clicks than its nearest rival and dramatically saving install time.

Not only is this new Access Control product simpler and more efficient than its market rivals, it offers dramatic cost savings without compromising install quality and robustness. Concept Pro Access Control offers to save the end user and the installer money in a plethora of innovative ways. The simplest cost saving measure stems from the amount of time spent on an install. With the relative simplicity of a Concept Pro Access Control system install it will not only save money, it also has a potential of making you money as you can complete more installs over a shorter period of time. An innovative cost saving improvement lies in the method of access to the buildings. On most systems on the market either a fob or access card is required by all those approved to access a building or a part of a building and for systems with a large access customer base this can cost thousands of pounds.

Another problem experienced by installers of Access Control is the need to buy different products for different sized installs, with Concept Pro Access Control, complete scalability is guaranteed. Through the provision of single and multi-blade controllers, Videcon and Grosvenor have ensured that this Access Control offering can be tailored to any install, small or large whilst retaining suitability. Whether you’re securing 1 or even 50 doors, Concept Pro Access Control has you covered offering ultimate adaptability and quality. This access control system is compatible with all Concept Pro NVRs, offering seamless configuration and a straightforward interface.

Save time, save money and improve quality with Concept Pro Access Control powered by Grosvenor, promising to revolutionize Access Control and blow other systems out of the water.

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