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Remotely control doors, lights, gates, PA systems, SMS Notifications and more via the in app Alarm Notifications

With the latest update to our Concept Pro Viewer, we have developed new alarm response functions, allowing you to remotely override the systems you decide you need to control.



A new software update has been carried out on our Concept Pro Viewer App for iOS and android, making the app slicker, quicker and even more effective. Here at Videcon, we are constantly looking to stay at the forefront of thought and innovation and we always want to improve our offerings and this latest software update promises to improve an app that is already robust and technically sound. The new software update gives users the added ability to trigger DVR/NVR alarm outputs remotely from their mobile, meaning a user can identify an intruder remotely on their viewing app and have complete jurisdiction over their response to this. The versatility of alarm outputs is without a doubt the biggest asset of this new feature; alarm outputs can be connected to a plethora of applications in a system including doors, gate and PA Systems, which can now all be triggered remotely and individually allowing you to choose your response to a situation.

How it works...


When an end user witnesses an intrusion on their viewer, they now have the ability to decide upon the system’s next action remotely. Added control over alarm outputs gives users the chance to choose the appropriate responses to appropriate incidents. When an alarm is triggered, the user will be alerted via their Concept Pro Viewer app and directed to the alarm outputs section of the app, from there the user has the option of enacting any output they see fit. An example of a perfect application of this new feature comes in locations where vulnerable and elderly people are living or visiting. Access to Sheltered Accommodation in many cases is now regulated by a fob or token based access control system, meaning that access is not available to those without a fob. The biggest downfall of this is the fact that if an incident occurs in which aid and access is required, a fob holder is needed to enter the location. This is a massive inconvenience should emergency services be required, as they may have to either force entry or wait for a fob or token holder during a period of time within which every second counts. With the new Concept Pro App update, a user could remotely trigger their door alarm output and open doors, allowing first responders to enter a premise swiftly and possibly save lives. This not only enhances user control and speed of response, it can also conserve electricity by allowing the end user to be selective with each output they trigger as opposed to an alarm triggering every output.

The camera hosting capability of the app is 16, giving the user the ability to monitor large and challenging locations all from a mobile device. Alongside this major update, other changes have been made to the App, adding new capabilities and improving upon pre-existing functions. Users can now add devices to a system using a simple QR code when DDNS is off, making it easy and simple to add to a system. Additionally, users have the added ability to set new PTZ presets directly from the app. These new features and updates, coupled with the app’s existing features, ensure that the Concept Pro Mobile Viewing app is rigorously comprehensive.

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