Here at Videcon, we strongly believe that failing to prepare results in failure itself and this is crucial for the installer and the end user with regards to cyber security. This is why we work closely with suppliers to ensure the Concept Pro range leads rather than follows when it comes to the personal security of our customers and even our customers' customers! 

In late 2016, our product and technical teams noticed that CCTV recorders across the market were all at risk of intrusion and hacking from a vast array of sources, ranging from backdoor system access to malware based cyber attacks. We were the first to recognize this as a huge issue in the industry and are also the first company to respond with a truly secure solution to the issues identified. To find out more about Sequrinet you can click here but just why is Cyber Security such a major issue in CCTV? In this article, we aim to answer that question

Advances in technology and intelligence 

The simplest reason behind the need for improved cyber security is that methods of hacking are getting more and more technologically advanced and hackers are getting smarter, simple passwords no longer cut the mustard when it comes to system security. This is why the server selection process for our Sequrinet compatible products has been the most painstaking and rigorous to date. We searched for an EU based server, operated by a company we determined to be legitimate and reliable and operating with high-level SLAs, a server was selected and for the reasons above, our server security is second to none. Our servers are monitored 24/7 remotely and their location within the European Union allows us to get in touch with the operators swiftly, ensuring that communication is at an optimum.

Changes to the global climate

It is a sign of the times that we are living in that the current global climate greatly affects the need for rigorous cyber security, it is estimated that over 4,000 ransomware attacks take place daily, a ridiculous number for only one type of cyber attack made even more ridiculous by the fact that there are an almost infinite amount of types of attack out there. To gain even more of an appreciation of just how prevailent cyber attacks are, click here to view a live map of Cyber Attacks as they take place worldwide. Geopolitics also have had a massive effect on cyber attacks, chiefly due to the huge international rivalries developing between world powers across the globe. State-sanctioned cyber attacks are becoming more and more widespread, all with the aim of disrupting infrastructure and CCTV based attacks have been a significant part of this, CCTV systems installed in governmental buildings, banks and other locations where sensitive or potentially harmful information is stored or shared are all at massive risk of attack. With insufficient protection, state-sanctioned attackers can simply tap into the archival footage of a system and access footage that, when shared, could pose a threat to national or personal security.

Protecting Installers and End Users

It is a basic expectation of end users and installers that a security system should be secure itself, and so it should be! If the very application that is designed to add security to a location has the opposite effect then there are negative knock-on effects for all involved, the distributor will lose reputation, as will the installations company involved but the effects upon the end user can be far far greater. If the end user is storing sensitive information and this gets leaked in any way then this can result in a catastrophic loss of reputation and in turn business, larger scale cyber attacks with the objective of gathering information have almost no limits to their skulduggery and have caused bankruptcies in the past.

It really isn't worth taking any chances with your cyber security, be that PC protection or CCTV Recorder protection or in fact any kind of cyber security due to the large quantity of attackers out there. Why trust the recording systems of companies who take a nonchalant approach to cyber security and even leave backdoor loopholes to allow for illegal access? Videcon's Concept Pro range of Professional recorders are all equipped with Sequrinet, promising to ensure security is how it should be, secure!

How do our recorders stand up to Cyber Security attacks?

  • Concept Pro recorders are secure and do not leave portals or passwords for backdoor access
  • Telnet is disabled by default as this is a common entry point to devices for hackers 
  • Concept Pro recorders have been tested against all known vulnerabilities and are not susceptible to the Badlock, Bash Shellshock, Drown, Shadow Brokers, Wannacry and Web App hacking. 


How can you make our recorders even more secure?

  • Enable Enhanced Password Rule settings 
  • Change the ADMIN password to an EPR password
  • Use IP filtering to allow for connection from exclusive remote IPs
  • Enable HTTPS and RTPS encryption 
  • Change default ports from 8080/5554




See the Concept Pro VHDIP Range > Available in 4, 8 & 16 Channel


See the Concept Pro VXHAHD Range > Available in 4, 8 & 16 Channel




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