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Number Plate Capture is a specialized configurable camera mode that has built in software to help identify and record license plates on still or moving vehicles. This advancement is now available on Concept Pro’s AIR4528-IP4M series, the CVP9324DNIR-IP4M series and AIR8012-IP3M-Z cameras. 

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The AIR4528-IP4M series, the CVP9324DNIR-IP4M series and the AIR8012-IP3M-Z camera can now be configured for use in Number Plate Capture installations. By following simple instructions provided on our how to guides, in-settings can be reconfigured with relative ease allowing for the monitoring and recording of Number Plates and suitable in a vast array of surveillance locations and situations. This reconfiguration will ensure that our AIR cameras can be installed, ready for use, on any site requiring NPC with ease.

In true Concept Pro fashion, innovation is the hallmark of this new feature and it is guaranteed through Number Plate Capture’s ability to perform at high speed. To test this capability, our product team took the cameras to Tockwith Test Track in nearby North Yorkshire and were suitably satisfied with the ability of Concept Pro Number Plate Capture. Number Plates can be recorded with accuracy at distances of over 15m away and at speeds of over 50mph, meaning that even vehicles in a hurry to leave premises can be captured with precision and no blur.

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