Convert and tailor your alarms to be multiple virtual alarms on any Concept Pro Professional Recorders

Delivering market leading innovation is synonymous with the concept pro brand. New to the Concept Pro Professional recorder range, the ProLogic1 is a subtle yet devastatingly effective way to enhance the capabilities of all Concept Pro recorders.

The ProLogic1 is a bespoke solution developed to add effectiveness and versatility to the way alarms can be set up when upgrading from analogue CCTV systems to IP. Capitalizing on the virtual alarm feature of the VHDIP and VXHAHD, this efficient little product allows multiple alarm devices to be set up and tailored to any installation, existing or new. Prior to this advancement, IP machines could only utilize the 2 physical inputs. Now, the use of the virtual alarm feature allows for ultimate user customization. With the ProLogic1, any number of alarm devices can be assigned to each camera channel, putting the user firmly in control yet again.

This product promises to optimize the way wired alarms are dealt with, enabling a user to remove a legacy CCTV system, use the same infrastructure to wire the alarms to the ProLogic1 device and then configure this to send the virtual alarm signal to the updated VHDIP or VXHAHD. The Concept Pro recorder handles a virtual alarm as efficiently and practically as it would any physical alarms wired into the system, the only difference being the increased alarm capacity.

ProLogic1 is a device that has been developed to work seamlessly through the use of the comprehensive ioAdmin software. ProLogic1 is an Ethernet micro RTU controller, in layman’s terms data acquisition and this is a PC-based
 control device that uses proactive, event- based reporting to control input and output devices.

Ideal for use in legacy installation upgrades, the ProLogic1 makes upgrades easier, cost-effective and convenient. For extra virtual alarms to be added, all an installer needs to do is clip another ProLogic1 onto the existing set up to add another 12 inputs for every ProLogic1 added. The ioAdmin computer software is used to configure the ProLogic1 alarm inputs and this exceptional piece of software allows for a painless and easy to understand installation. Additional authority over the designation of alarm devices to camera alarm inputs allows a user to prioritize which camera feeds require a tighter level of monitoring and alarm coverage and which ones do not, again giving the user ultimate control.

Videcon value the opinions and feedback of our customers and clients, this bespoke solution for the advancement of Concept Pro recorders is a shining example of this and an invaluable addition to the Concept Pro Professional Recorder range. 

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