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Quick Overview

Key Features

  • Fast and Slow 0.05/sec to 360°/sec
  • Accuracy repeatable to 0.01°
  • Silent and secure operation
  • Dual light adaptive IR/ White Light option
  • IK10 EN62262 rated Thermal options available
  • IP68 Weatherproof Rating


REDVISION Volant HD IP 30x with Wiper and LED Lighting

This camera has a durable, die-cast aluminium body for rugged, outdoor operation, it is offset to allow for vertical viewing downwards when mounted on a pole or column and allows highly flexible, continuous rotation in both its pan and tilt axis.

Complete with a flat, optically-correct, toughened glass camera window to protect the camera from wet conditions, a flat surface is provided to enable a silicon wiper to remove dirt and water. Optically-correct glass means the VOLANT series cameras have minimal distortion and the best possible low-light performance. The series is complete with Infinity motors, producing immense torque, these enable the RVOU10001 to pan and tilt at great speed (in excess of 360°/second to a pre-set) whilst holding their position at rest with immense strength. The RVOU10001 can also move extremely slowly, enabling an operator to track a target or person at a great distance with the capability to zoom in on plates and faces at 300m away, allowing the operator to follow them with ease. 

The VOLANT SD series cameras provide seamless, network integration. They are ONVIF S compliant and have SDK integration protocols developed for most leading manufacturers’ control equipment or video management software (VMS) systems.

Positional Awareness

The Infinity motors also have positional intelligence meaning that if the VOLANT is knocked or moved out of position, it will recover to its correct position immediately. This feature is particularly useful for the prevention of vandalism, one of the most common causes of missed information in CCTV is when a camera position is moved, this camera will catch vandals out not only due to its capacity to return to its original position, but due to its ruggedised housing.

LED Lighting Option

The VOLANT includes integrated, Dual-Adaptive IR and white light illumination operated by a ring of IR and white-light, ultra-efficient LEDs, surrounding the camera. They adjust to provide optimal lighting for any field of view; unlike the more commonly available Smart IR functionality, which adjusts lighting intensity with zoom, the VOLANT also adjusts the spread of the lighting for optimal scene illumination. Dual-Adaptive IR and white light illumination is effective at up to 150m in complete darkness.The photo on the left uses Dual-Adaptive IR, the image on the right uses White Light Illumination.

Covert & Accurate

Infinity motors used in the VOLANT are direct drive, so do not rely on belts or mechanisms for their movement. They deliver minimal latency and military-level, preset position absolute repeatability within 0.01°. This allows for immense focus on detail and accuracy, all in all the Volant series leaves very little room for error, covert, accurate and strong, they have been designed with no stone left unturned.

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