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Quick Overview

Key Features

  • Spread spectrum S2 VIEW® radio protocol.
  • AES encrypted wireless system.
  • Bi-directional radio link between the panel and the devices.
  • CMOS camera sensor with 90° lens.
  • Night vision thanks to 2 infrared illumination LED.
  • Fresnel lens motion detection : 10m/90° detection pattern.
  • The camera sends a color video for lighted sites or black & white in night vision.
  • Dual tamper: wall and cover tamper.
  • CR123A Lithium batteries.
  • 4 years battery life depending on the detector activity and the environmental properties.


Streaming Indoor MotionViewer - PIR Detector with Camera + Batteries

The ISMV 200 is a motion activated, battery powered, wireless indoor video camera, also activatable by user request, the ISMV is designed for use with a Videofied® security system. This product features a built-in digital camera as well as a dual element passive infrared motion detector, powered by 3 CR123A Lithium batteries for up to 3 years of battery life depending on detector activity. When the alarm system is armed and a motion is detected, the ISMV emits a signal and the camera is enabled to record a 10 second digital video. That video is then transmitted through the panel to the monitoring centre. In addition, the end user will be able to request a “live” video from every ISMV in their Videofied® system. Following this request, the ISMV will enable its camera and provide a real time video stream to the panel. The user immediately will then immediately receive the video flux on their smartphone.

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