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Quick Overview

Key Features

  • S2View® Spread Spectrum, Videofied, Interactive, AES Encrypted wireless technology provides optimum signal integrity and security.
  • Camera : CMOS sensor with 90° wide angle lens.
  • Resolution 320 x 240 pixels.
  • Supervised : Transmits a check-in/status signal to the panel every 8 minutes indicating the unique identification code along with the current detection sensor state, tamper condition, serial number, manufacture date, software revision, and battery status.
  • Tamper : After setting the location of the device the tamper will alert on any movement of the device including opening of the cover or unscrewing from the mount.
  • Lithium batteries : typical 4 years battery-life.
  • Night illumination: up to 12 meters using four infrared LEDs.
  • Motion detector—dual-element, passive infrared with fresnel lens for up to 14 m wide, 90° coverage pattern (by default).
  • The camera captures a video segment less than 100 milliseconds after motion detection.
  • Device is fully weatherproof and can withstand temperatures from -25° to 70°C.


Streaming Outdoor MotionViewer - Commercial + Batteries

The OSMV outdoor MotionViewer is a wireless, battery operated camera. The camera is triggered by motion detection or wired input activation. It can also be activated by user request. It is designed for use in a Videofied® security system. Motion-activated cameras are intended for outdoor applications where video-verification is needed. The OSMV consists of a digital camera, passive infrared motion detector, and a spread spectrum S2View® radio module. S2View® is a proprietary Videofied® interactive, encrypted wireless circuitry for secure two way communication with the control panel. The OSMV is fitted with a wired inputs/outputs module (3 inputs/1 output, 2 inputs are supervised). A video is taken when one of the inputs is triggered. Those inputs provide video-verification to a third-party sensor like an infrared barrier. The wired output can activate a strobe or a projector. The camera consists of a CMOS sensor and a 90° wide angle lens. Four infrared LEDs provide a night illumination distance of up to 12 meters. A Fresnel lens ensures passive infrared motion detection. The standard detection pattern is 90° and an optimal detection distance of 14 meters from the MotionViewer. 3 additional lenses are also provided : Horizontal Curtain, Vertical Curtain, and Beam.

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