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Quick Overview

Key Features

  • Increase the alarm capacity of Concept Pro Recorders
  • Integrates with existing wired alarm systems
  • Uses patented software to program up to 24 rules
  • Creates flexibility is wiring alarms where multiple Prologic 1 could be used around a complex site to transmit alarm via the network
  • Maximize the effectiveness of an install by having multiple alarms associated with 1 channel

  • Details

    Ethernet to 12 DI / 8 DO Module with Click&Go Logic. Custom Firmware.

    The ProLogic1 is a bespoke solution developed in association with Concept Pro to add effectiveness and versatility to the way alarms can be set up when upgrading from analogue CCTV systems to IP. Capitalizing on the virtual alarm feature of the VHDIP and VXHAHD, this efficient little product allows multiple alarm devices to be set up and tailored to any installation, existing or new. Prior to this advancement, IP machines could only utilize the 2 physical inputs. Now, the use of the virtual alarm feature allows for ultimate user customization. With the ProLogic1, any number of alarm devices can be assigned to each camera channel, putting the user firmly in control yet again, reducing install costs associated with the cable runs cost. 

    Other Features

    • Digital Inputs-12 Channels
    • Digital Outputs- 8 Channels
    • Software Selectable Digital Filtering Time Interval
    • 203mA @ 24 VDC
    • Compatible with VHDIP-V2, VXHAHD, VXHAHDM (8/16)

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