iPims - Licence Free Video Management Software

The licence-free iPIMs client software enables installers to connect multiple analogue and IP recorders, individual IP cameras and other external detection equipment together over a network or internet to a single PC. Perfect when monitoring large or multiple sites with a high number of cameras.
Compatible with all VXH DVRs and VHD-IP NVRs, iPIMs gives users PTZ control of high speed dome cameras, two-way audio and alarm notifications.

  • Up to 256 Recording Devices in one
  • Multi-user support
  • Drag & Drop Camera Views
  • Image Carousels
  • E-Maps
  • Accessory Support
  • PTZ Control
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • iPims E-Mapping
    Drag & Drop - Alarm Cameras

    Make navigating of large scale installations simple with eView from iPims. Overlay cameras & alarm positions over a selected site map and retrieve images by simply clicking the relevant icon.

    Simply import site map and drag & drop
    camera & alarm locations.

    Camera Pop up on E-Map when Motion/Alarm triggers
    E-Maps allows users to overlay cameras & alarm positions over a selected site map and retrieve images by simply clicking the relevant icon, making it easy to navigate through a large-scale system.

    Multi-monitor Support

    Multiple camera views can be sent to different monitors connected to a single PC.

    Alarm Handling including Motion Detect Screen Pop Up
    When an alarm is triggered, iPims can deliver real-time audio notifi cations and automatically display footage onscreen from cameras installed in an area where motion has been detected.

    Up to 256 recording devices in one

    iPims is the license-free VMS solution that can connect multiple IP, AHD and analogue Concept Pro recorders to a single viewing platform, allowing users to view live and pre-recorded footage, back-up footage to disk and program event triggers between recorders, plus much more.

    PTZ Control

    Users can move PTZs through the on-screen controls or with a compatible USB joystick.

    Multi Event Search

    Search by alarm, event and motion.

    User Defined Permissions

    Rights-managed user accounts can be set up on iPims to customise how the system works for each person once they are logged in.

    Remote HDD Status Indicator

    Hard drive information on any connected Concept Pro professional CCTV system is sent back to iPims to help identify problem-systems in the event of HDD failures on large-scale installations or when connected to multiple locations.

    Multiple Floating Screens

    iPims’ flexible drag and drop interface allow users to arrange camera layouts how they choose and can keep CCTV footage onscreen even when using other PC applications.

    Scalable up to 4096 Cameras

    Capable of handling video footage from 4,096 CCTV cameras at the same time, iPims is powerful enough to manage, control and access virtually any large scale CCTV installation.

    Intuitive Display Setup -
    Up to 64 cameras per screen

    Users can create custom views of up to 64 cameras from different recorders with simple drag and drop set up. Views can either be shared with other user accounts or private so only certain users gain access to them.

    A Proactive Site Management Tool

    Enhance your service delivery to your customers.
    iPims makes it easy to create highly customisable CCTV screens with a simple drag and drop configuration, allowing users to combine cameras from different CCTV systems into simple, easy-tofollow layouts.

    Full Device Remote Setup

    From iPims, installers can set up and confi gure devices remotely, saving time on site by having access to the menu structure of a remote device.

    Remote Playback & Backup

    iPims can be used to access and store video footage on any connected device, making it simple for users to review and back up video recorded on multiple CCTV systems from a single location.