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Quick Overview

Key Features

  • External
  • Extends the IR range up to 80m with AIR45 and AIR50 models
  • 6 IR LED’s
  • 5° Pan / Tilt on each Lamp
  • IP66
  • Power Via AIR45/50 Camera
    (IP4M variants require 12VDC power when
    AIR-IR connected)



Additional IR for AIR45 and AIR50 Range. Bolt-on AIR Weatherproof Lamps - Extend the range up to 80m

Additional AIR-IR for AIR45 and AIR50 range increased to 80M for AHD and IP. Compatible with the AIR45 IP and AHD models, the AIR-IR infrared lamps are powered through the camera power source and mount directly to its housing. With new adjustable lamp heads, infrared coverage can be fine-tuned for wide or narrow fields of view, ensuring you deliver the optimum footage in low-light conditions.

Advanced Infrared Technology
The AIR-IR utilises Concept Pro’s Advanced Infrared Technology that adjusts the IR levels dependent on the proximity and movement of objects, delivering smooth and even illumination even in the most challenging of dark environments.

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