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Concept Pro 8 Channel 5MP Hybrid DVR


Quick Overview

Key Features

  • 8 Channel Hybrid DVR
  • AHD, TVI, CVBS and IP Compatible
  • Max. 96FPS Recording @ 5MP, Real-time Recording @ 2MP
  • Concept Pro Video Analytics
  • 4K HDMI and VGA Display Output
  • Dual Monitor Support (Main+Spot)
  • CVBS Spot Monitor Output
  • Up to 20TB Internal Hard Disk
  • X8 Alarm Input / X1 Alarm Output
  • X4 Audio Input / X1 Audio Output
  • WD Purple Surveillance HDD's inside all recorders
  • Dimensions: 380mm (W) x 314.6mm (D) x 44mm (H)

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Concept Pro 8 Channel 5MP Hybrid DVR

The Concept Pro VXH5AHD-8 model is an eight channel professional DVR that can record up to 5 megapixel analogue video and 5 megapixel IP video on all channels. It is a hybrid recorder compatible with AHD, HD-TVI, traditional standard definition analogue cameras, and IP cameras. Additionally, the number of channels can be expanded to a total of sixteen channels and the recorder features eight alarm inputs. The DVR offers a range of features suited for advanced applications, including remote monitoring station integration, P2P connectivity for remote viewing on mobile devices, and compatibility with the license-free iPIMS VMS.


Professional Remote Monitoring
Allowing installers access to repeat revenue stream, remote monitoring integration is available on all Concept Pro professional recorded to stations using Immix Cloud and Sentinel platforms.




iPims - License Free Software
iPims is a powerful, license-free video management software solution that can connect to all Concept Pro Lite IP, AHD and Analogue CCTV recorders and record footage from up to 256 recorders regardless of platform.


Secure P2P Networking
Utilising a Secured European server, P2P is the simplest way to connect a Concept Pro Lite recorder for remote viewing on smartphones and tablets.



IP Hybrid Support
This Concept Pro Lite DVR provides the facility to record various types of analogue cameras up to 5 megapixel resolution and IP cameras up to 2 megapixel resolution to one recording device and work as one system. The 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder allows you to connect a maximum of 8 cameras in an IP and AHD combination.





Concept Pro Digital Video Recorder
Specification Features

  • 8 Channels
  • Concept Pro Video Analytics
  • iPims Compatibility*
  • Sequrinet P2P Connectivity*
  • Concept Pro Viewer Mobile App Compatibility*
  • Remote Monitoring*
  • Concept Pro Video Analytics
  • Concept Pro Intuitive User Interface*
  • Free DVRLINK Dynamic DNS Service*
  • E-mail/Dual SMTP*
  • Rack Mount Capability
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Two Way Audio*
  • Coaxitron Support*
  • RS-485 Keyboard Support*
  • 1080p Display Resolution Support*
  • 1440p Display Resolution Support
  • 2160p Display Resolution Support
  • 5MP AHD/TVI Camera Support*
  • 2MP IP Camera Hybrid Support*
  • 5MP IP Camera Hybrid Support
  • 20TB Maximum HDD Capacity
  • 1 Spot Out
  • x8 / x1 Number of Alarms
  • IPv4/IPv6 Support*
  • WD Purple Surveillance HDD's inside all recorders
  • 3 Year Warranty*

    *Available as standard on all Concept Pro Lite,
    Pro & Elite DVRs





Hybrid with up to 5MP Support
On Concept Pro Lite, Professional & Elite Models

Hybrid Support provides users with the flexibility to use both AHD and IP on our Concept Pro Lite, Professional & Elite Digital Video Recorder models. Ideal for pre-existing AHD Installers requiring a gradual upgrade to IP, Hybrid support allows users to use cameras from separate platforms using the same cabling infrastructure. 



Brilliant Simple Interface
No matter what the platform, on screen operation of Concept Pro recorders stays exactly the same.



A single brilliant GUI features on both the AHD and the IP (VXH & VUHD) recorders, making it a seamless transition between platforms.

Users of previous models will feel instantly at home with the on-screen menus of the recorders, with the same design, layout and structure that has been refined to work perfectly in HD resolutions.This way, installers can continue with existing roll-outs with no change or disruption to the setup process.




Licence Free Video Management Software
Maximum surveillance with minimum hassle


The licence-free iPIMS client software enables installers to connect multiple analogue and IP recorders, individual IP cameras and other external detection equipment together over a network or internet to a single PC. Perfect when monitoring large or multiple sites with a high number of cameras.


Make navigating large scale installations simple with E-Map View from iPims. Overlay cameras & alarm positions over a selected site map and retrieve images by simply clicking the relevant icon.

Simply import the site map, drag and drop camera & alarm locations.

Camera Pop up on E-Map when Motion/Alarm triggers.
E-Maps allows users to overlay cameras and alarm positions over a selected site map and retrieve images by simply clicking the relevant icon, making it easy to navigate through a large-scale system.

Alarm Handling including Motion Detect Screen Pop Up
Deliver real-time audio notifications and automatically display footage onscreen from cameras installed in an area where motion has been detected.

Up to 256 Recording Devices & 4096 Cameras in one

iPims can connect multiple Concept Pro Recorders to a single viewing platform, allowing users to view live and pre-recorded footage, back-up footage to disk and program event triggers between recorders, plus much more.

Intuitive Display Setup - up to 64 cameras per screen

iPims makes it easy to create highly customisable CCTV screens with a simple drag and drop configuration, allowing users to combine cameras from different CCTV systems into simple, easy-to-follow layouts.

A proactive sit management tool

iPims makes it easy to create highly customisable CCTV screens with a simple drag and drop configuration, allowing users to combine cameras from different CCTV systems into simple, easy-to-follow layouts.

PTZ Control

Users can move PTZs through the on-screen controls or with a compatible USB joystick.

Multi Search Event

Search by alarm, event, motion

















User Defined Permission

Rights-managed user accounts can be set up on iPims to customise how the system works for each person once they are logged in.



Remote HDD Status Indicator

Hard drive health information on any connected Concept Pro Professional CCTV System is sent back to iPims to help installers proactively identify problem-systems in the event of HDD failures.

A proactive sit management tool

iPims flexible drag and drop interface allow users to arrange camera layouts as they wish and can keep CCTV footage onscreen, even when using other PC applications, allowing an upscale to multi monitor video wall setup.

PTZ Control

Multiple camera views can be sent to different Users can move PTZs through the on-monitors connected to a single PC.

*Dependant on PC Specification

Remote Playback & Backup

iPims can be used to access and store video footage on any connected device, making it simple for users to review and back up video recorded on multiple CCTV systems from a single location.

















Concept Pro Mobile Application
Secure European Servers & P2P

A new software update gives users the added ability to trigger DVR/NVR alarm outputs remotely from their mobile, meaning a user can identify an intruder remotely on their viewing app and have complete jurisdiction over their response to this. This versatility of alarm outputs is without a double the biggest asset of this new feature; alarm outputs can be connected to a plethora of applications in a system including doors, gates, and PA Systems, which can now all be triggered remotely and individually allowing you to choose your response to a situation.







Feature-rich & Versatile Range
Available as standard

The VXH5AHD Concept Pro Recorder Range is feature-rich and versatile. 
These features are available on all VXH5AHD Recorders as standard.

Thumbnail Search

Search 24 hours allowing for quick indentification when an event has occured.

Instant Playback

Select and view recently recorded footage at the push of a button allowing for rapid response to an incident.

Remote Connection

Connect to your Concept Pro recording systems on any computer via the web browser.

Email Snapshot

Concept Pro recorders can detect a signal loss, a triggered alarm or identifies any other technical change and instantly alert the user via e-mail. For end users, this means they can be notified of any activity on their premises wherever they are.

How to program

  • Connect Pro Va-KBDPRO+
  • USB Mouse
  • Remote Connection
    USB Stick Upload
  • IR Remote Control

















Reserve Data Management

Recorded events can be 'reserved' to a data management screen. This function allows the user to build up a list of events for easy, convenient archiving.

The data management screen logs the number of 'burns' for each event.

Instant Archive

The instant archive function allows a user to easily archive during playback.

By removing the need to access the menu structure archiving is made simpler and quicker.

User Profiles

Up to 8 profiles can be stored on the Concept Pro at 3 levels - administrator, manager and user. The administrators can allow or restrict operation for an individual user from the following functions: 

  • Access to setup
  • Search facility
  • Archive menu
  • Remote Connection Access

Dual Streaming

Recording the best video quality uses more data, which is a problem for network speeds when trying to access the recorders remotely. Dual streaming technology allows faster transmission to smartphones, tablets and remote monitoring stations whilst still recording at the native full-size resolution on the recording unit, taking the strain off the network bandwidth when trying to access a Concept Pro recorder remotely.

Dual Streaming

Video footage can be archived by

  • USB Stick
  • External HDD
  • Remote Network Storage
  • Local PC through remote connection
The archive footage is watermarked and packaged with the video codec needed to play the file* The archive action is recorded in the digital recorder event log.
*Note: The video codec is not packaged when archiving via remote connection
























High Performance Recording

DVR models can record high resolution, 5-megapixel analogue channels at frame rates up to 20FPS and NVR models support real-time recording at 8MP 4K UHD. Specifications may vary depending on model.


Seamless Integration with Concept Pro Recorders

The Concept Pro recording range is compatible with full suite of cameras across both AHD & IP. A complete range for all applications including fixed domes, turrets, eyeball, bullet, high speed domes and much more!

Digital Video Recorder System Health Check

The recorders monitor both the internal hard drives and digital recorder software. If any abnormalities are detected a user can be notified by e-mail or alarm output.



Easy to understand UK Manuals

The Concept Pro Recorder User Manuals have been written in the UK by our technical team.

It has been written with the Installer in mind, taking the reader through the machine using step-by-step-instructions

Free Full UK Technical Support

Every Concept Pro recorder is supported by a helpline staffed by our technical team +44(0)1924 528000.



















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