On May 25th, legislation from the EU will come into place that will dramatically change the way we can store your data and the way your installs are carried out, Videcon are here to help and answer any questions you may have, take a few minutes out of your day and let Videcon take you through GDPR.


Data Protection Impact Assessments

In situations where data processing is likely to result in a high risk to the freedoms and rights of data subjects a DPIA will now have to be carrried out. Relating to CCTV, this will need to be carried out on large scale, systematically monitored public areas that are earmarked for CCTV coverage. An assessment will need to be carried out to ensure that the area is monitored in a way that does not break the GDPR ruling.


Impact on the installer

The regulation will now mean that any personal data processed must be processed in a lawful and transparent fashion and with CCTV acting as a means of collecting and observing personal data, it is not exempt. In situations where protecting data subjects or acting in the interests of the public are both important, local authorities may deem that processing personal data without notifying a subject is vital, but this will only be in a select few cases.

In all other circumstances, data subjects now have an explicit right to know if their personal data is being stored or processed, including images of their faces. The prospect of this sounds a lot more daunting than it actually is and there is a set structure of how a company can accommodate this ruling.


Facial Pixelation Software

By using facial pixelation software, you can bypass the need to notify people they are being recorded. With no face displayed in stored footage, you will not have to notify the subject you are monitoring. If an incident occurs, the pixelation can then be removed on a subject using the software and any follow-up work required can be carried out. Facial pixelation software is easy to configure for the installer and easy to operate for the end user.



The simplest way to ensure you are not contravening new GDPR rulings is to use signage. With signage coming in various forms, you can be sure there will be an appropriate product for you to notify data subjects sufficiently. 


Footage retention

Data retention is now also subject to scrutiny with GDPR meaning that each system and its purpose will need assessing prior to determining how long data can be stored for. In addition, any data subjects can now request access to CCTV footage providing they are present and the personal data of another subject is not disclosed.  An administration fee being charged in accordance with this will be illegal after GDPR is implemented and blurring may be required to ensure GDPR is not contravened.



Appropriation is the important factor in the new GDPR legislation, it is important that you are not compromising the ability of your system install to monitor effectively and is also important you are not excessively reducing the privacy of subjects. All in all, GDPR is a lot less frightening than it seems and with the correct process in place, you can ensure you are ready to take on the new GDPR legislation when it comes into place in May.



We are amending our industry-renowned training courses to include the new GDPR rulings, spearheaded by our highly experienced Technical Director Ian Farr.  GDPR will be covered in both the “Introduction to CCTV” and “Introduction to IP” courses due to its wide-reaching nature and it is well worth coming to our West Yorkshire base to gain a face-to-face insight into the legislation and its finer workings.  Click here to book yourself on and get GDPR ready!


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