Videcon feels it is important that every install is made as easy and efficient as possible by the equipment involved, take a minute to read the below and see a practical example of how the ProLogic1 can dramatically affect your installs.

End User Case Study- 

Based in the North West, Asbestos Business Contractors have been trading since 2004 and successfully serve customers in a varying multitude of situations on a daily basis. The dangerous nature of Asbestos Removal as a trade has a knock-on effect of making Asbestos Removal and Asbestos related services an incredibly specialised trade meaning that any disruption caused to their business and its offerings could result in a severe loss of custom. ABC’s head office in Warrington comprises of three separate areas, office space at the front end of the building, a large storeroom to the rear of the building and a fenced yard space adjacent to the storeroom. The work carried out took place in all three areas of the building meaning that it was of vital importance that disruption was kept to a minimum; located in a fast-paced business park and surrounded by other businesses, it was also important that no impediments to the neighboring businesses were caused.

The challenge:

As time passed from their last install, ABC’s security system became antiquated and upgrades were required to ensure the system remained as effective and receptive to the latest challenges posed by intruders as is possible. In addition, ABC felt the need to maximise the security of their recording system by moving it from one end of their premises, to the server room at the other. The main challenge posed in this install was the need for the installation to be as swift and unobtrusive as possible. ABC’s Headquarters had been operating with a traditional analogue CCTV system and GJD wired motion detectors and desired to upgrade to IP. Additionally, ABC requested to move the existing recording equipment across their building from one end in the office to the server room at the opposite end of the building.

ABC appointed Expolink Alarms to carry out these tasks, based in Wigan, Expolink have years of industry experience in providing CCTV, Intruder alarms, system servicing, monitoring, fire alarms, access control, intercom and PAT. NACOSS approved, Expolink deservedly have a reputation as an efficient, pragmatic and reliable installations company.

In the past, an upgrade and move like this would have been incredibly time consuming due to the need to rewire the system in its entirety to ensure all components run on the same network and from the same point. Rewiring the system to run from the opposite end of the building is an arduous task that will require work all across the building and will take a few days to complete, meaning a loss of business for the end user. The ProLogic1 from Videcon drastically shortened the install time by eliminating the need for rewiring, meaning that a task that would have taken a few days prior to this product now only required 2-3 hours of work.

Prior to the ProLogic1, when moving the recording system, the motion detectors in the system would have to be rewired, meaning that wiring would have to be diverted to the other side of the building where the server room is, an arduous and strenuous task. With this product, wiring can be connected to the ProLogic1, which will in turn connect to the customer’s network after programming. Any alarms triggered by the detectors will be reported back to the recording system via the ProLogic1 using its event based reporting system, ensuring that the system retains its full capabilities. The ProLogic1 truly was a game changer in this install, ensuring that the install was unobtrusive to ABC and any surrounding businesses, and prompt.

The results:

Anthony Gibson, General Manager of Expolink Alarms:

The ProLogic1 allowed us to transmit the wired GJD detectors in the system over the customers network, saving us hours on this install. It’s easy, detailed instructions are included and without the ProLogic1, it would have taken a few days to rewire the site. Using this very small and capable product, this was addressed in a couple of hours. We would definitely use this handy piece of kit again.

Equipment used: