This Spring, installers will have the option of Sequrinet on their recorder systems and Enhanced Password Control (EPC). This will prohibit the use of ‘1234’ and other easily infiltrated passwords and only allow the use of passwords upon selection, the EPC will remove any backdoor user capability and will disable P2P and DDNS options by default.   

Videcon understand that certain installations will not require such a high level of security; therefore, EPC is purely optional. Compatibility to organisations requiring a stringent level of password protection is essential and it is this compatibility that undoubtedly makes the Concept Pro recording devices the most secure in the market suitable for use in government, public space and banks to name but a few. 

Enhanced Password Control, easy interoperability and the potential for use in a varying array of situations ensure that Sequrinet is one of the most secure network products available on the market today.


See the Concept Pro VHDIP Range > Available in 4, 8 & 16 Channel


See the Concept Pro VXHAHD Range > Available in 4, 8 & 16 Channel


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