Videcon have expanded the range of Bullet Cameras to include more resolution options. A new junction box is also available for a tidier install. 

Brand New to Videcon

Available in both IP and AHD, multi-signal (AHD, CVBS, TVI, CVI) formats, Videcon's new, Concept Pro, Bullet Cameras bring a new range of resolutions to the Bullet range. The range is split into Lite and Professional Range and available in Small, Medium and Large housings with fixed lens, varifocal and motorised zoom lens options. The enhanced line up ensures there is a Concept Pro Bullet Camera to suit a huge variety of installation requirements and budgets.

Small Bullet Cameras

The Concept Pro Small Bullet Cameras are predominantly fixed lens and provide our most cost-effective Bullet Cameras. Available with AHD options from 2MP to 5MP and Ip ranges from 2MP to 8MP. The 2MP options provide excellent value with a clear and crisp image with the higher resolution options providing greater detail at a distance.

Model Resolution Lens Size Lens Type
AIR2024-AHD2M/2.8 2MP 2.8mm Fixed Lens
AIR2024-IP2M/2.8 2MP 2.8mm Fixed Lens
AIR2024-AHD5M/3.6 5MP 3.6mm Fixed Lens
AIR2024-IP4M/2.8 4MP 2.8mm Fixed Lens
AIR2024-IP4M-Z 4MP 2.8-8mm Motorised Lens
AIR2024-IP8M/2.8 8MP 2.8mm Fixed Lens

Medium Bullet Cameras

The Concept Pro Medium Bullet Cameras are predominantly varifocal lens and provide additional features such as audio and alarms to suite a wider range of installation requirements. Following the structure found throughout the Concept Pro camera range, they are available with AHD options from 2MP to 5MP and IP ranges from 2MP to 8MP.

Model Resolution Lens Size Lens Type
AIR3526-AHD2M 2MP 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens
AIR3526-IP2M 2MP 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens
AIR3526LL-IP2M-Z 2MP 2.7-12mm Motorised Lens
AIR3526-AHD5M-Z 5MP 3.3-13.5mm Motorised Lens
AIR3526-IP4M 4MP 2.7-12mm Varifocal Lens
AIR3526-IP8M-Z 8MP 3.3-12mm Motorised Lens

Large Bullet Cameras

The Concept Pro Large Bullet Cameras are predominantly motorised lens, giving the added advantage of operating the lens remotely from the recorder. This range offers the largest feature set with IR ranges up to 80m and lens options up to 5-50mm offering excellent zoom capabilities.

Available with AHD options from 2MP to 5MP and IP ranges from 2MP to 8MP the Large Bullet Cameras concludes the most complete offering of Concept Pro Bullet Cameras yet.

Model Resolution Lens Size Lens Type
AIR4528-AHD2M-Z 2MP 2.8-12mm Motorised Lens
AIR4528LL-IP2M-Z 2MP 2.7-12mm Motorised Lens
AIR4528-AHD5M-Z 5MP 2.7-13.5mm Motorised Lens
AIR4528NPC-AHD 2MP 9-22mm Motorised Lens
AIR4528-IP4M-Z 4MP 2.7-12m Motorised Lens
AIR8012-IP3M-Z 3MP 4.7-56.4mm Motorised Lens
AIR4528-IP8M-Z  8MP 3.3-12mm Motorised Lens
AIR4529-AHD 2MP 6-22mm Varifocal Lens
AIR5027-AHD 2MP 5-50mm Varifocal Lens
AIR4528IRH-AHD 2MP 8-12mm Varifocal Lens
AIR4529IRH-AHD 2MP 6-22mm Varifocal Lens


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