Videcon are delighted to announce the launch of both Deep Learning & traditional Video Analytics available on Concept Pro Recording Devices 

Deep Learning Video Analytics

Deep Learning Video Analytics (DLVA) Radically Advanced False Alarm Filtering, Resulting in a CCTV System that can be relied on to accurately detect Human Beings, Vehicles or Animals.

DLVA provides a far more accurate approach to filtering out false alarms than motion detection and traditional video analytics. Instead of simply looking for changes in pixel values, DLVA utilises multi-layer, neural network algorithms to effectively learn the object's profile. It then uses a combination of pixel values, edges, vector shapes and a host of other visual elements to recognise the object as a person, vehicle or animal.

Deep Learning Video Analytics is Currently only available on Professional NVR's & coming soon to Elite NVR's

Deep Learning Video Analytics will work with all new Concept Pro IP Camera

NVR DLVA Available Channels
(Available with DLVA)
VUHDIP-4 Yes 4
VUHDIP-8 Yes 4
VUHDIP-16 Yes 2
VUHDIPE-8 Coming Soon 2
VUHDIPE-16 Coming Soon 2


 Deep Learning Analytic Features


Video Analytics from Concept Pro

A complete suite of video analytics are also available on all concept pro recorders. Video analytics are an improvement on motion detection in reducing false alarms and work through analyzing the pixel values in the image to detect moving objects.

An event is then triggered when the detected moving object alters the pixel values of set criteria, such as a line being crossed or an area being entered. This can ultimately result in events being triggered through innocuous movement such as trees blowing in the wind

To address these features Concept Pro video analytics have a unique set of features built in. There is a calibration wizard which gives the camera a sense of depth by calculating the install height and angle. The system will also only trigger an event on objects that are being tracked and the system will only track an object that is continuously moving for at least a few frames. The result is a system that is more likely to track events that matter and less likely to trigger events that don’t.


Video Analytics are available across all Concept Pro Recorders as standard and can be used on all Channels

DVR/NVR VA Available
VXH5AHDL IP Camera through Hybrid
VUHDIPL-8 IP Camera through Hybrid
VUHDIPL-16 IP Camera through Hybrid
VUHDIPE Coming soon


Video analytics are limited to use with just the CVP5325 IP range of camera. These cameras are designed without cable connections terminating inside the camera housing, removing the need for a fly lead and a junction box.


Analytics Rules Available (All with Object Counter Option) 




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