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Occupi Automated Occupancy Management System

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Quick Overview

Key Features

  • Automated Occupancy Control for buildings
  • 98-99%+ Accurate
  • Set Maximum Occupancy Levels
  • Set Maximum size of groups
  • Self-learning Occupancy compensator to improve accuracy over time
  • Traffic light system or customisable digital display to show live occupancy status
  • Set customisable audio notifications when events are triggered (doors open, maximum occupancy reached etc.)
  • Full integration with existing automatic door openers
  • Compliant with H&S and Fire regulations
  • Compliant with social distancing rules
  • Business Intelligence

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Automated Occupancy Management System

Occupi allows for a highly accurate, fully automated, unmanned control over the occupancy level of a building. Set maximum occupancy levels and restrict the size of groups allowed to enter with this fully automated system that integrates with automatic door systems and access control.

Occupi provides buildings with a fully automated, live occupancy system, working with access control that will allow a store to set a maximum number of customers into their store. When this number has been met, the sign at the entrance can display ‘FULL’ and the automatic doors will not open.

Using Deep Learning technology to recognise people and count the numbers entering and exiting the store, access will only be allowed when the total number of customers falls below the number set for the store. This system allows for a fully automated, unmanned control over the store occupancy level.

The system comes equipped with a self learning occupancy compensator which adjusts the system daily to compensate for any inaccuracies on the site automatically

All data is extractable from the system to provide business intelligence on occupancy levels and when people leave or enter the building.




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