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Quick Overview

Key Features:

  • 1/3” CMOS (2.1 Megapixel)
  • Internal/External
  • 1080P
  • 10X Optical Zoom
  • 5.1-51mm Lens
  • RJ-45 10/100 BASE-T
  • 1 Audio Input / 1 Audio Output
  • 32x Digital Zoom
  • Onvif Compliant
  • 2 Alarm Input (For PTZ preset triggers)
  • 1 Alarm Output
  • Service Video Output (Analogue)
  • True Day Night (ICR)
  • IP65
  • Max Power Consumption: 21W (Heater On)



HSDE Concept Pro 10x IP Zoom DN 1080P 2MP 12V EXT

The Concept Pro VHSD-810EXT-IP is a 2MP high speed dome with 10x optical zoom enclosed in a discreet, vandal-resistant and weatherproof housing. The camera can be programmed with 254 preset positions and 4 different touring patterns allowing for virtually hands-free operation and can integrate with intruder alarm systems through two alarm inputs and one output which are easily accessible in the head of the unit. Additionally, the camera offers 360 degrees-per-second rotation speed ensuring movement of the camera remains responsive even when operated remotely from other locations.

Onvif Compliant
This CCTV camera conforms to the ONVIF Core Specification that aims to standardise the network interface between all IP Security Products.
Alarm Inputs and Outputs
Offering two alarm inputs and one outputs allows the PTZ to be integrated with intruder alarm systems.
True Day/Night ICR
Concept Pro PTZs come included with a wall bracket and PSU, with other mounting options available.


Bracket Options:

Wall Bracket for VHSD-812EXT and VHSD-810EXT-IP

Corner Mount Bracket for VHSD-812WALL and VHSD-810EXT-IP

Pendant Mount for VHSD-812EXT and VHSD-810EXT-IP

Pole Mount Bracket for VHSD-812WALL and VHSD-810EXT-IP

Bracket Ceiling Tile for VHSD-812EXT and VHSD-810EXT-IP


Other Features:

  • 254 Presets
  • 4 Pattern Tours
  • DNR
  • Auto White Balance
  • Auto Gain Control
  • Back Light Compensation

A & E Specification


      1. The network camera system shall offer two simultaneous video streams with up to 2MP 1920x1080px resolution.

      2. The network camera system shall possess the following primary characteristics:

        1. H.264 High, Main or Base profiles; and MJPEG compression

        2. up to 2 megapixels

        3. 10x motorised zoom

        4. dual streaming (two independent IP video streams)

        5. day/night operation with IR cut filter

        6. Digital Wide Dynamic Range (D-WDR)

        7. 12 VDC


      1. Imaging Device:

        1/3” Progressive Scan

      2. Imager Type:


      3. Electronic Shutter Range:

        1/30 - 1/10,000 second

      4. Minimum illumination:

        1. 0.5Lux (Colour)

        2. 0.01Lux (B/W)

      5. Scanning: Progressive

      6. Image Control Settings

        1. Day and night settings

        2. Privacy zones

        3. Digital Slow Shutter (DSS)

      7. Lens:

        1. Built In, Motorised Zoom

        2. 5.1 – 51 mm

      8. Video:

        1. The network camera system shall support up to 2 simultaneous streams; the secondary stream is variable based on the setup of the primary stream.

        2. Compression type: H.264 High, Main, or Base profiles; and MJPEG

        3. Service Stream: 720p (1280 x 720) to QVGA (320 x 240)

        4. Available resolutions:

        5. Constrained variable bit rate (CVBR) and constant bit rate.

        6. Frame rate:

          1920x1080 – 25FPS

        7. Video streams shall support ONVIF.

      9. Storage and Recording

        1. The network camera system control shall have onboard SD card storage.

          1. Card type: SD

          2. Capacity: up to 64GB

        2. Local recording can be configured on the camera to allow independent recording without being connected to the network, providing up to 36 hrs of continuous recording at a CBR of 4000Kbps.

        3. The camera shall be able to record on motion detection with pre set recording lengths.


      1. Pan Movement

        1. Pan: 360° endless

        2. Tilt: 180°

      2. Pan Speed: 360° per second

      3. Presets: 254

      4. Tours: 8

      5. Patterns: 4 (10 min. duration)

      6. Other PTZ Functions

        1. Auto-flip

        2. Parking action

        3. Power up action


      1. Audio – The network camera system shall have bi-directional audio capability.

        1. Input/Output

        2. Encoding: G.711

      2. Alarm – The camera shall have alarm signaling capabilities allowing to trigger preset movements

        1. Inputs: 2

        2. Output: 1

      3. The camera shall be included with an onboard heater to allow for operation in extremely cold temperatures.

    5. NETWORK

      1. Connectivity: 100 BASE-TX Ethernet with RJ-45 connector

      2. Protocols supported

        1. The camera shall use the following network protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RTSP, DHCP, NTP, PPOE, UNICAST AND MULTICAST. Configuration: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).


      1. The network camera system shall have a built in web server which supports browser-based configuration.

      2. The camera’s web server shall allow access to camera information and all primary software functions.

      3. The Manufacturer shall offer video viewer and configuration to implement the following actions:

        1. Camera discovery

        2. Live Video

          1. Maximize view area of video to full size of browser

            1. Revert to normal view

          2. Open stream in new window

          3. Capture and save image as .jpg file

          4. Resize viewing area

        3. Image Settings

          1. image quality

          2. exposure

          3. white balance

          4. privacy masks

          5. shutter speed settings

          6. day/night functions and scheduling

          7. digital zoom

          8. lighting mode

          9. video noise reduction

          10. digital processing (color and detail adjustment)

            1. image enhancement

            2. quick setup preset modes

            3. sharpness

            4. saturation

            5. contrast

            6. brightness

        4. Camera network settings

        5. System

          1. firmware upgrade

          2. reset to factory default

          3. set date, time, and NTP server synchronization

          4. user access control

          5. view and export camera settings

          6. view system logs

      4. Acceptable Web Browsers:

          1. Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 8.0 (or later)


      1. Power

        1. Source Options

          1. 12 VDC

        2. Power Consumption: Dependent on lens option

      2. Connectors:

        1. Ethernet: RJ-45 connector

        2. External power: Terminal Input


      1. Construction Material:

        Aluminum PTZ camera

      2. Colour: White

      3. Dimensions (D x H): Φ165mm x 162mm

      4. Weight: 2300g

      5. IP Rating: IP65

      6. Operating Temperature: -42°C to 55°C (-43.6°F to 131°F)


      1. CE

      2. FCC

      3. ONVIF (Profile S)



      1. Contractor personnel shall comply with all applicable state and local licensing requirements.


A. The network design and configuration shall be verified for compatibility and performance with the camera(s).

B. Network configuration shall be tested and qualified by the Contractor prior to camera installation.


      1. Before permanent installation of the system, the Contractor shall test the system in conditions simulating the final installed environment

B. Contractor shall follow all Manufacturer-published guidance on proper installation and configuration of the camera.

    1. STORAGE

      The dome camera hardware shall be stored in an environment where temperature and humidity are in the range specified by the Manufacturer.


Key Features
  • 3 axis PTZ controller
  • Compact & ergonomic design
  • Multi protocol support including Pelco-D & Pelco-P
  • Mixed protocol & baud rate support for each device
  • Back-lit display
  • Controls VXH960 & VXHAHD digital recorder range
Key Features
  • 305m Black CAT6 Duct Grade Cable
  • Duct Grade - Tough and Weather-Resistant Sheathing
  • 24AWG Solid Copper Core
  • Marked and Numbered at 1 Metre Intervals
  • Insulated and Sheathed
  • Supports Signal Strength up to 250MHZ
  • Installs Neat and Professional
  • Supplied in a strengthened box in a 305m reel
  • Conforms to CAT6E Networking Standards
  • Suitable for External Use
Key Features
  • 305m Green CAT6 Cable
  • 24AWG Solid Copper Core
  • Marked and Numbered at 1 Metre Intervals
  • Insulated and Sheathed
  • Supports Signal Strength up to 250MHZ
  • Installs Neat and Professional
  • Supplied in a strengthened box in a 305m reel
  • Conforms to CAT6E Networking Standards
  • Suitable for Internal Use

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