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  •  Volant™ Ruggedized CCTV Analogue Series RVOU10001 Model
  •  Volant™ Ruggedized CCTV Analogue Series RVOU10002	Model


Volant™ Ruggedized Analogue CCTV Camera Series

SKU: RVOU1000 Series

Quick Overview

Key Features

  • 670 TVL
  • Up to 20x or 30x Zoom option
  • Fast and Slow 0.05/sec to 360°/sec
  • Accuracy repeatable to 0.01°
  • Silent and secure operation
  • Dual light adaptive IR/ White Light option
  • IK10 EN62262 Rated
  • Thermal options available

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Volant™ Ruggedized CCTV Analogue Series

The VOLANT has a durable, die-cast aluminium body for rugged, outdoor operation. The camera is offset to allow viewing vertically downwards when mounted on a pole or column and allows highly flexible, continuous rotation in both its pan and tilt axis.

Like Redvision’s highly successful X-SERIES™ cameras, the VOLANT has a flat, optically-correct, toughened glass camera window. The toughened glass protects the camera from wet conditions and provides a flat surface for a silicon wiper to remove dirt and water. Optically-correct glass means the VOLANT has minimal distortion and the best possible low light performance.

The VOLANT is IP68 weather-proof rated; IK10 shock and vandal resistance rated; and passes IEC vibration and salt spray compliance requirements. The VOLANT also surpasses Redvision’s own in-house shock and impact testing criteria, designed to replicate conditions in the most demanding, rugged, surveillance applications.


Infinity™ Motors for both Fast AND Slow Movement

The VOLANT uses Infinity direct drive, brushless DC motors for fast, accurate and silent operation. 

The Infinity motors produce immense torque. This enables the VOLANT to pan and tilt at great speed (in excess of 360°/second to a pre-set) yet hold its position at rest with immense strength. The VOLANT can also move extremely slowly, enabling an operator to track a target or person at a great distance. The VOLANT can zoom in on plates and faces at 300m away, allowing the operator to follow them with ease.



The VOLANT has an aluminium body designed for the toughest environments. Its Infinity motors are cool running, so can be sealed against dirt, moisture and dust ingress, for minimal wear and tear. This ensures the VOLANT gives many years of maintenance-free operation and low cost of ownership.


Accuracy and Stability

The Infinity motors used in the VOLANT are direct drive, so do not rely on belts or mechanisms for their movement. They deliver minimal latency and military-level, preset position absolute repeatability within 0.01°. The Infinity motors also have positional intelligence. If the VOLANT is knocked or moved out of position, it will recover to its correct position immediately.


Dual-Adaptive™ LED Illumination

The VOLANT includes integrated, Dual-Adaptive IR and white light illumination. A ring of IR and white-light, ultra-efficient LEDs, surround the camera. They adjust to provide optimal lighting for any field of view. Unlike the more commonly available Smart IR functionality, which adjusts lighting intensity with zoom, the VOLANT also adjusts the spread of the lighting for optimal scene illumination.

Dual-Adaptive IR and white light illumination is effective at up to 150m in complete darkness.


Silent & Secure

The VOLANT is almost silent when it moves, due to its Infinity motors. Not only does this make the VOLANT unobtrusive when moving, it also ensures no vibration noise passes through its fixings into buildings.

The Infinity DC motors produce almost no sparks in comparison with the more commonly used AC motors. This makes the VOLANT naturally suited to hazardous or potentially explosive environments. 


Key Features

  • Fast and Slow 0.05/sec to 360°/sec
  • Accuracy repeatable to 0.01°
  • Silent and secure operation
  • Dual light adaptive IR/ White Light option
  • IK10 EN62262 rated
  • Thermal options available



  • Perimeter protection
  • Water treatment plants
  • Hazardous Environments: Nuclear, Seafronts, Harbours, Shipping
  • Military: Army, Navy
  • Hostile Environments: Problem housing estates, High crime areas
  • High Security: Police HQ, Embassies, Airports
  • Traditional CCTV: Town Centres, Car Parks, Railway Stations, Shopping Malls, Schools, Hospitals
  • Rapid deployment: Police vehicles, Building site security, Perimeter security


 Volant™ Ruggedized Analogue CCTV Analogue Series

 Product Code  Camera Type  Resolution  Zoom  Colour  Wiper  LED
 RVOU10001   Volant SD Analogue  1.3MP  x 30  Grey  Yes  No
 RVOU10002   Volant SD Analogue  1.3MP   x 30   Grey  Yes  Yes

A & E Specification

Architectural and Engineering specification

Redvision VOLANT™ Analogue Precision PTZ camera range; including:

RVOU10001: VOLANT™ Analogue SD camera 30x Zoom with Wiper

RVOU10002: VOLANT™ Analogue SD camera 30x Zoom with Wiper and LED Illumination

And custom Colour variants

1.0 Manufacturer:

1. The camera shall be manufactured by Redvision CCTV Ltd.; United Kingdom.


2.0 General Functionality:

1. The camera shall be of rugged design, and provide full PTZ functionality by remote control via a flexible RS-485 interface.

2. The camera shall offer Wiper functionality as standard, and optional functions such as: Wash relay control, infra-red and white lights and alarm functionality.

3. Lighting should provide effective illumination to a distance of 150m minimum. The Lighting shall automatically switch both power and intensity to accurately match the current zoom position, and therefore field of view, to provide optimum lighting at all times.

4. The camera shall provide continuous, 360° rotation in both the Pan and Tilt axis; with ultra-high accuracy of 0.01°, at a maximum speed of 360°/s for both Pan and Tilt axes. This shall be achieved through the use of Direct-Drive, Brushless Motor technology.

5. The camera shall provide a standard CVBS 1V pk/pk @ 75Ω video output via BNC coaxial connection.

6. The camera shall provide a versatile RS-485 interface, allowing operation with popular control equipment via Pelco, BBV, Sensormatic, Dennard, Vicon, VCL, Samsung, Overview, CBC and Forward Vision protocols.

7. The camera shall be supported by a variety of mounting options; including Pedestal; wall, corner, Swan-neck and pole-mount.

8. The camera should be capable of being installed in the upright or hanging positions, with no loss of PTZ functionality.


3.0 Optics and Imaging:

1. The camera housing shall use a flat, optically-correct, toughened glass window for optimum image clarity.

2. The camera shall use a 30x optical zoom lens assembly; providing a focal length range of 4.3mm to 129mm.

3. The camera shall use 1/3” Sony Exmor CMOS technology as standard.

4. The camera shall provide a 12x Digital zoom option.

5. Low-light performance shall offer:
i. Colour operation to 0.03 Lux
ii. Monochrome operation to 0.008 Lux

6. The field of view for the camera should be:
i. 58.3° wide angle
ii. 2.1° telephoto view

4.0 Movement and Positioning: 

1. The camera shall be capable of panning and tilting continuously through 360°, at a maximum speed of 360°/second. The camera shall be capable of Absolute Positioning control, also compatible with relative and continuous movement control systems.

2. The camera shall use an ultra-high-accuracy, Direct-Drive Brushless Motor system, providing accuracy to 0.01°, with no backlash or friction.

3. The camera shall be silent in operation, even at a distance of 30cm, and operating at full speed in both axes.

4. The camera shall use Intelligent Positioning technology, so that the camera always returns to the same point, even when physically forced out of position.

5. The camera shall be designed for continual operation via manual or automatic (Tour) control. An auto-Restore function shall return the camera to Tour mode after a pre-determined time to ensure coverage of key areas is maintained. 16 programmable Tours should be available.

6. 4 recordable “Mimic” Tours shall be available; allowing the operator to record a unique tour by manual control, and to replay that tour at will.


5.0 Physical:

1. The camera must be capable of operating fully in both upright and hanging orientations.

2. The camera shall be rated as IK10 for impact resistance.

3. The camera shall employ a weather-resistant coating, using Anodised, marine-protected finish, available in a wide range of RAL colours.
4. The camera shall have been tested to IP68/ BS EN60529 rating.

5. The camera shall offer a 3-stage paint system, powder-coated to required RAL colour, and be tested to EN60068-2-52. The camera shall also be available as an enhanced, X-Marine-Grade product, with additional paint protection for coastal and harsh environments.

6. A deep sun/rain visor shall be provided as option. The camera shall be capable of operating continuously to 60°C, and withstand wind speeds up to 70mph for controlled operation, and 100mph static.

7. The camera shall weigh no more than 7.5Kg, with illuminator fitted.

8. Camera brackets should offer a standard 4” PCD mount for greater mounting compatibility.

9. An integral safety lanyard shall be provided for additional protection.

10. Cable connections shall be via a single, composite cable assembly; providing both data and power connections.

6.0 Lighting:

1. The camera shall offer a choice of:
i. No lighting
ii. IR & White Light

2. The lighting beam and intensity shall be automatically adjusted according to the Zoom lens position, offering optimal lighting for any field of view.

3. The camera should be able to switch to a particular lighting mode automatically and manually via user intervention, via the use of preset shortcut controls.
4. The lighting should be capable of operating to 150m minimum.

5. The camera shall offer a Dark Zone setting, to prevent unwanted intrusion by white lights for a specific area.

6. The camera should provide an on-screen text display to notify the user that white lights are currently enabled.


7.0 Auxiliary and Alarm functions:

1. The camera should offer an optional alarm interface, up to 8 wired alarm channels should be available.

2. The camera should be capable of moving to a stored preset position upon alarm activation.

3. An on-screen text display should be available to notify the user of any currently active alarm channels.

4. Auxiliary alarm outputs should be available, to provide a hard-wired alarm notification via an alarm pair.

5. A wiper mechanism shall be offered as standard, the wiper must be of ultra-low maintenance design; utilising a long-life Silicone blade, which can wipe safely even in dry conditions.

6. A wiper timeout must be provided to prevent continual, unwanted wiper operation. Time range must be 1 to 120 minutes.

7. A combined Wash/Wipe routine shall be provided; which can be accessed by a preset shortcut for operator convenience.

8. A controllable auxiliary relay shall provide a wash motor control output.

9. Both wash and wipe functions should be controlled via RS-485 remote control, or by preset shortcut control, as defined by the user.


8.0 Compliance and Warranty:

1. The camera shall comply with ROHS and CE standards, and tested to:
i. EMC: EN50130-4, EN55022 (Class B)
ii. Shock Resistance: EN60068-2-27
iii. Vibration Resistance: EN60068-2-6
iv. Impact Resistance: EN62262 -IK10

2. A 2-year warranty shall be offered, covering bodywork. weatherproof seals, imaging, electronics and mechanical parts; with an option to extend to 5 years cover.



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