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Digital Video Entry Panels

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  1. 4212 Series Digital Video Panels

    4212 Video Series
    Key Features
    • Back lit alpha-numeric keypad or name search & scroll facility
    • Surface or flush mounting (including flush bezel back box option)
    • Blue back lit 128x64 pixel graphical display providing clear visual messages
    • Speech annunciation call progress
    • Programmable trade facility
    • Programmable door access codes (up to 2800)
    • Integrated proximity key fob reader (up to 2800 key fobs)
    • Combined door access code and proximity key fob programming
    • Wiegand output to allow connection to 3rd party access control
    • Two serial connections (USB and RS485) for programming and retrieving events
    • Colour CCD wide angle day/night camera with IR illumination (170 degree viewing angle)
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1 Item(s)


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