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Isolating Base


Intelligent Deep Base

Intelligent Mounting Base

SKU: 45681-210APO

Quick Overview

Key Features

  • XPERT Addressing
  • One way fit of detector
  • Locking features to prevent unauthorised detector removal

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Intelligent Mounting Base

All detectors in the Discovery range fit the Intelligent Mounting Base. The Mounting Base is a low insertion force base with stainless steel contacts for the detector terminals. XPERT cards are supplied with all bases.


An earth connection is not required for either safety or correct operation of detectors. The ground (earth) terminal is isolated and is provided for tidy termination of grounded conductors or cable screens and to maintain earth continuity where necessary.

All terminals are marked according to their function.

Bases have a wide interior diameter for ease of access to cables and terminals and there are two slots for fixing screws. The slots enable two fixing screws to be located at a spacing of 51mm to 69mm.

Detectors fit into bases one way only, without snagging, and require clockwise rotation without push force to be plugged in.

Device Addressing

Universal address cards, known as XPERT cards, are supplied with all bases. Consult the coding guide in the installation instructions to determine which pips are to be removed from the card to give the correct address. Lay the card on a flat surface, pips down, insert a screwdriver into the slot on the reverse of the pip to be removed and give a firm twist.

When the card is coded insert it into the slot in the side of the appropriate base, making sure that the card locks itself into place. As a detector is inserted into the base, the remaining pips operate the address buttons on the detector and the detector electronics reads the address. An anti-tamper screw in the lid locks the detector to the mounting base. A 1.5mm hexagonal driver, Part Number 29600-095 is available from Apollo.


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