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Orbis is a range of conventional detectors, which Apollo has developed using the sophisticated technology that was only found previously in intelligent detectors. These modern and stylish detectors are designed for quick and easy installation, commissioning and maintenance. From start up, the detectors are operational within four minutes, while functional testing with smoke or heat is complete in just four seconds. Orbis detectors utilise proven sensing and operating technologies that improve reliability and performance. Orbis detectors are suitable for use on small-to-medium sized systems, where reduction of false alarms is important, such as small industrial units, shop units, guest houses and sheltered housing dwellings.

Orbis Features
  • Automatic drift compensation with DirtAlert ® warning
  • Patented FasTest detectors ® which reduces the time taken to test
  • SensAlert® sensor is not operating correctly uses a flashing LED to indicate that the sensor is not operating incorrectly
  • StartUp™ for fast commissioning
  • Attractive and compact design
  • Electrically compatible with Series 60 and Series 65
  • Wide voltage and operating temperature ranges
  • Algorithms for transient rejection
  • Flashing LED option
  • 360° visibility of LEDs
  • Insect Resistant

Orbis Benefits
  • Quicker and easier installations and servicing
  • Improved false alarm rejection
  • Variety of detectors for fast, accurate fire detection in different environments
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